Dr. Zahra Motahari is a scientist and entrepreneur. Zahra earned her Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at State University of New York and her Pharm.D. from Tehran University of Medical Sciences. She believes in research and data. Prior to launching ZinniaNatural, she spent two decades leading innovation in biomedical research specifically in neuroscience field. Among many breakthrough, she paved the way for generating retinal cells in the lab that can potentially be translated into stem cell therapy. As a bench scientist, she used to blend reagents and develop lab protocols. Out of frustration of not finding any effective hand moisturizer in the cold weather of New York, she developed her own formula. Always an out-of-the-box thinker, Zahra developed a water-based moisturizer to maximize its absorption and efficacy.

our commitment

ZINNIA is a company that focuses on providing the highest quality natural skincare products. It is our mission to provide our consumers with premium quality products that are free from chemicals and dyes and are kind to the environment. We purchase our ingredients from reliable sources and test all of our products to ensure their maximum benefit. Our products are free from any form of animal by-products or testing.