Millions of women suffer from dry hands.  The combination of excessive hand-washing, sanitizing, hormones and cold or harsh weather makes this condition even worse.

Almost all of the hand products on the market today are cream-based. They contain two phases; oil and water and we all know that water and oil do not mix. So, to make a standard hand cream, the formulator has to add a lot of additional agents that have nothing to do with skin hydration. As a pharmacist and out-of-the-box thinker, who seeks a better solution, I love to invent and experiment with different formulas. I believe there should be a better way.

Working with different formulas, I quickly realized that cream-based moisturizers are barely absorbed by the skin and only sit on the surface. So, I developed a water-based formula that actually penetrates into the skin and absorbs water not only from the deeper layer of the skin but also from the atmosphere. It contains four vital vitamins that help nourish the skin.

I created my own formula for what is now called ZINNIA Intense Hand Moisturizer. At first,  I kept the secret to myself because I was busy with academic work. I moved to New York to become a scientist and I received my PhD in molecular biology and forgot all about my moisturizing secret. I shared my closely guarded secret with one of my girlfriends on my tennis team when she complained to me about her dry, chapped, and bleeding hands.  She had tried every moisturizer she could find that claimed it was for dry hands but nothing fixed the problem. I knew that the products on the market wouldn’t help her based on my experience, so I gave her a sample of my own formulated moisturizer.

She LOVED it! That began my journey. However, I was not completely happy with my formula. One day, I was talking to my older sister who is also a pharmacist about a particular organic ingredient and its effect on the skin. She gave me an idea and the light bulb went off! I got all excited and added that ingredient to my formula the next day. It was a game changer. 

I launched ZinniaNatural and today I provide health conscious people with a natural, eco-friendly hand moisturizer, so they can enjoy a lotion that lasts longer, fully absorbs, and nourishes the skin.

My name is Dr. Zahra Motahari, founder and CEO of ZinniaNatural. I am a pharmacist and biomedical scientist with 20 years of research experience and I am the author of several publications in various fields including oncology, gastroenterology, and neuroscience. I’m a past advisory board member of GW Wellness Center and I have been a peer reviewer for many scientific journals.

our commitment

ZinniaNatural is a company that focuses on providing the highest quality natural skincare products. It is our mission to provide our consumers with premium quality products that are free from chemicals and dyes and are kind to the environment. We purchase our ingredients from reliable sources and test all of our products to ensure their maximum benefit. Our products are free from any form of animal by-products or testing.